Feb. 3rd, 2011

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Everybody has the 'Cleveland crud' lately. That lovely upper-respiratory gunk that develops in mid-winter from a combination of cold outdoor air, dry indoor air, and whatever combination of germs may be floating around is a royal pain in the arse.

It's only early February but I'm ready for spring already, despite knowing it will probably fail to arrive for nearly three more months.

I really need to get the hell out of this part of the country. I like having four discrete seasons, but does the longest one have to also be the one I like least?

I know where I'm going, though, and I have since around Christmas. Well, not precisely as in what city, but I know what state. Maryland. I'm going back to college again as soon as I can, and there's a school that's part of their state university system but offers its degree programs online. I have a friend whose mother was a math instructor there at one point, so the school comes highly recommended. I can take classes without the class schedule interfering with a normal full-time day job, and finish my degree without the usual scheduling hassles I'd get trying to do it in a bricks-and-mortar environment. The fact that they're part of the state university system means that while I could theoretically study from anywhere, my tuition will be far less if I'm a Maryland resident.

So that's where I'll move to. Oh, sure, I'll have to live there a year before the tuition break kicks in, but that's okay. I'll be better off in many ways than I am in Cleveland, and I'm getting tired of this town anyway. Going someplace new appeals to my sense of adventure at this point. I know a few people in Maryland, mainly in Rockville and Baltimore. My friend Jeanne used to live in Baltimore, too, although she's back in Cleveland now. The near-DC area appeals because of a couple of old college friends who live there, though it's pricey; on the other hand, Baltimore appeals too, based on things Jeanne and the others have said, and the fact that I have some friends currently living there as well. All I know is that as long as I'm in a good-sized city (or the 'burbs of a big one) and have a good job and a decent place to live, the rest is gravy.

So that's another decision to make as circumstances allow. The list keeps accumulating, but I'll get it all sorted out. Go, me.

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