Jun. 25th, 2011

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Well, make that way behind. Need to clean the tent canvas, reorganize the totes I use for hauling stuff to Pennsic, fix my turnshoes, find my other boots, and finish three dresses I'd begun last year and then abandoned in various stages of construction once I picked up some other, higher-priority projects. (This, in addition to the other three that had never made it past the planning stage until last weekend, when full prep mode set in.)

The good news: I will have to re-pattern and re-cut some of the pieces on the partially-finished dresses, because I've lost weight since I first started them. They're fitted gowns with laced closures, but if I just went ahead with them in the size they are now, I could lace them up tightly and they'd still be too loose. Not a problem I mind having at all, but definitely going to make more work. The bad news: I may have to replace some segments entirely, and I'm not altogether sure I have enough of one particular fabric to do it. So I might wind up parti-colored or parti-patterned whether or not I was originally planning on it, since I could replace some of those segments with a matched jacquard. And if I'm smart, I'll make the redesigned gowns a bit on the small side, because with laced closures I can alter the fit and I'll get more use out of them before I have to start looking at taking them in again.

Just another day in the life of a costumer, I guess. Time to hit up Jo-Ann Fabrics and see what looks good.

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