Jun. 19th, 2012

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Haven't posted in a while, and at this point I'm saying to hell with my commitment to never using this blog as a diary. It's my blog, and if some of the posts are more personal than others, so be it. For all I know, there isn't anyone reading currently anyway, and shouting into the ether can be cathartic. Or not.

To be fair, there's little to actually shout about at present. Summer weather on the North Coast is what it is, and the job market and local economy still suck. I've given up shouting as a waste of effort, though I reserve the right to whine on occasion. Or perhaps simply whimper. Okay, so profanity still isn't out of the question. In any case...

I keep getting job leads and nibbles in the Baltimore area and nearby portions of Maryland. I've had precious few of them local to Cleveland, my current location, so I'm glad to be getting them from at least somewhere. Of course, what I really need is for one of them to actually pan out.

Pennsic is coming, and I need to make new garb to replace older garb that is either worn out or too big. Yes, too big. Not a problem I mind having, but holy cannoli, do I have my work cut out for me. Well, actually, having it cut out would put me a step ahead. Right now I need to get busy drafting patterns.

RoomieDearest, aka ArguesWithObjects, continues to blow hot and cold depending on the day. We get along better as roommates than we ever did as anything else, but his job is stressing him out and I sometimes get the backlash. Not fun. I feel sorry for him on days like that, but my patience only stretches so far. I understand all about being Type A (being one myself) but really, does one have to let every little thing become a Big Deal?

Meh. With any luck, by September I'll be out of here. *crosses fingers*

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