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Labor Day is always one of those slightly bittersweet holidays. It's nice to have the day off, but this day marks the end of summer, even if not quite according to the pattern of solstices and equinoxes.

And this year, I get to spend it moving additional boxes from my old apartment to my new one. At least I've managed to arrange things so that I won't be locked into a lease that prevents me from leaving Cleveland when a job offer comes through that will let me. I'd have stayed in the old place until then, but between the rent being high enough that it wasn't letting me save up the kind of money I'd like to and the facts that A) the landlord was being a complete jackass about fixing things and B) the otherwise perfectly nice girls upstairs had a thoroughly nasty habit of dropping their cigarette butts all over the front yard and front steps that both units shared, it was time to move to other digs. So now I'm a couple of miles down the road, in a transitional neighborhood sandwiched between the Battery Park condos and the Gordon Square Arts district. Got a nifty little wine bar a couple of blocks away with free wi-fi, a pool table and a nice patio. There's another friendly little pub between here and there, also with a patio. If I want to go see something at Cleveland Public Theater, I can walk there too. Downtown Cleveland is a less than ten-minute drive away if I use the Shoreway. Edgewater Park is within walking distance as well, and Whiskey Island Marina isn't much farther if I want to go see whatever band is playing at the Sunset Grille there (sorry, but I still don't like its new name, the Cropicana... no, that's not a typo) though I'd probably drive if I'm going there because of the weird little road you have to follow to reach it.

Home sweet home for probably no more than four or five months, if that long. Now if I can just get the internet connection sorted so I don't have to keep going out to places with wi-fi in order to get online...
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