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Felt under the weather on Thursday and Friday. The upper-respiratory "Cleveland crud" again, right on schedule. My sinuses hate this town.

Need to get some automotive issues straightened out before my road trip. I foresee scheduling fun involving the fact that my mechanic and my job keep similar hours.

Went shopping; needed another couple pairs of smaller work pants. Apparently, the box of older ones is missing a size group. I've had worse reasons to shop!

Slightly sore; increased my workout intensity again. Finally pushing it on upper body now that my shoulder seems to have fully healed. At some point I expect to be in balance, and until then I plan to enjoy the process. Had my body composition done again (the monthly routine) and found out I have more lean mass than I thought I did, which revises my expectations or at least my timetable. And it's one of those good revisions. I'll take those any day!

By the way, have I mentioned how great it feels to have my only source of soreness be from exercise? Back when I was on the "rat poison regimen" I swear I felt like death warmed over 90% of the time, and not much better for a while afterward, either. But these days, I feel like a million bucks. It really is amazing what the drug companies don't tell people about some of the pills they make.

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