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...because, you see, it's damned difficult to type while wearing them.

I spend a lot of time thinking in terms of blog posts. I make comments or posts on Facebook and think to myself, "If I expanded on that, it would make a great blog post." I sit in traffic or stand in line at the grocery store and think about this or that topic, and the words just come. Sometimes they even come over a second cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning when I have nothing pressing to do that should keep me from writing.

And then I don't actually do anything with them. It's time for that to stop.

This blog is my voice on the internet. Well, one of them, anyway. Facebook is something I restrict primarily to my circle of friends. I have a lot of them over there, although most actually are people I know personally whether in meatspace or online. Still, I post very little over there that's public; the vast majority of what I say in that venue is between myself and the people I know and trust. My real name and my photo are on Facebook, so I tend to be careful about making my activity there visible to the general public.

Here on Dreamwidth and in other blogging environments, I don't make my personal identity so well known, and while there are some here who do know me on a personal level, I trust their discretion. So that makes this a venue where I can feel reasonably comfortable about posting my views publicly. I have opinions -- quite a lot of them, in fact, and on all manner of topics. I'm going to try posting a lot more often, and on a wide variety of subjects. You may find me mouthing off about politics and current events one day, and musing about the meaning of life the next. I might post what amount to diary entries chronicling events in my life as they unfold, or offer my opinion on some film or book or album. I promise to be careful with regard to tagging things so that if you want to skip certain topics, or you have a preference to read about others, you should be able to tailor your experience accordingly.

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