Dec. 19th, 2010 06:49 pm
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I swear, if I see one more holiday commercial, I will scream. Seriously, does anybody's house really look like that at the holidays? Really? Three Christmas trees, and you aren't picking pine needles out of every nook and cranny of your home -- and possibly your person -- for the rest of the year?

I don't really have anything against the holidays. I worked retail at the mall during Christmas season in my college days, and after enough of that, you'd expect me to never want to look at another gold-edged red bow or piece of tinsel again. But I was a hopeless sucker for holiday decorations when I was a kid, and it never really went away. Not even twelve-hour Saturday shifts filled with Muzak-mangled carols could beat it out of me. (Really, there probably should be a telethon for people who can say that.) Even changing my religion (I no longer identify as Christian and haven't for about seventeen years... yes, that vibration you feel is my mother spinning in her grave at 78 rpm) didn't make it go completely away.

But the commercials have gotten even cornier since I was in college, and I swear there are more of them. Well, to be fair, there are more channels for them to be on, too. After all, I started college... *counts*... *grimaces*... well, a long freakin' time ago.

The holiday season, like wintertime in Cleveland, often seems to go on forever. At least the holidays end by New Years day, though. Winter will end sometime around the first of May, most likely. But Christmas-oriented commercials showed up right around Halloween this year, even ahead of the snow. Is it just me, or did they used to wait at least a little bit longer?

Whatever. With any luck, this will be the last winter I spend in this town, and maybe the last Christmas season here too. Nothing against Cleveland, but just like the commercials, there's a decided paucity of substance here anymore. Rip off the wrapping paper and the boxes are empty. The economy certainly doesn't help, and I'm ready for a change. Stay tuned for 2011 to be an interesting ride.

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