Aug. 14th, 2011 07:28 pm
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Pennsic was a blast, as always. Got to more classes this year than in the past, especially music and dance classes. Laughed myself silly at my campmates' bad jokes, tried to drink enough water, drank my share of mead, nearly wore out a pair of shoe soles walking around, made a bunch of new friends and watched for shooting stars late at night. (The Perseid meteor shower coincides with Pennsic, although this year's full moon made viewing more problematic than it otherwise might have been.) Planned some road trips for later on in the year to visit some of the new friends I made, and am looking forward to it!

I even managed to avoid the upper respiratory crud that began to circulate during the last couple days of War. No plague for me!

Now I'm looking at the enormous pile of laundry in the basement and wishing the Laundry Fairy would put in an appearance. Maybe if I leave a Downy dryer sheet under my pillow?

I think I'll christen the laundry pile "Mount Washmore".
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Whatever I could finish on the sewing and other projects has been done. Well, except for the bits I've saved to work on next week, since I'll set up camp this weekend, come back to Cleveland to work during Peace Week, then return to Pennsic for War Week. (Some year maybe I'll spend the entire two weeks on-site.) The van I've borrowed from friends is mostly loaded, the last-minute odds and ends are being rounded up, and I'm going to try to get a good night's sleep tonight, although I'm generally like a kid right before Christmas around this time.

Tomorrow night is Zero Night, and I will be partying on the battlefield at Cooper's Lake and then sleeping in the van until it's time to get in line for Troll (event check-in, for those unfamiliar with SCAdian lingo) in the morning.

Pennsic or bust!
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Well, make that way behind. Need to clean the tent canvas, reorganize the totes I use for hauling stuff to Pennsic, fix my turnshoes, find my other boots, and finish three dresses I'd begun last year and then abandoned in various stages of construction once I picked up some other, higher-priority projects. (This, in addition to the other three that had never made it past the planning stage until last weekend, when full prep mode set in.)

The good news: I will have to re-pattern and re-cut some of the pieces on the partially-finished dresses, because I've lost weight since I first started them. They're fitted gowns with laced closures, but if I just went ahead with them in the size they are now, I could lace them up tightly and they'd still be too loose. Not a problem I mind having at all, but definitely going to make more work. The bad news: I may have to replace some segments entirely, and I'm not altogether sure I have enough of one particular fabric to do it. So I might wind up parti-colored or parti-patterned whether or not I was originally planning on it, since I could replace some of those segments with a matched jacquard. And if I'm smart, I'll make the redesigned gowns a bit on the small side, because with laced closures I can alter the fit and I'll get more use out of them before I have to start looking at taking them in again.

Just another day in the life of a costumer, I guess. Time to hit up Jo-Ann Fabrics and see what looks good.
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No, really, it's okay. This is normal. Just your plain old garden-variety, happens-every-year pre-Pennsic Panic! The one where I look at the calendar, look at my project list, and look at my fabric stash and garb closet and realize...


Pennsic War begins in six weeks. I wonder how many dresses I can sew between now and then? Might be a good idea to order some saris just in case. It gets pretty hot and muggy there anyway, so having more Indian garb isn't a bad idea...

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