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Went with my friend Theresa last night to see Jerry Springer: The Opera at the Beck Center. Absolutely hysterical. And that was only the protesters lining the sidewalks outside, bitching about how the show was terrible and blasphemous and likely to cause terminal halitosis in anyone foolhardy enough to even poke their head into the theater, let alone stay for the show.

Some people really need to get a grip.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Theresa is dating the actor who plays Satan -- this is entirely appropriate for her, I joked -- so we had free tickets for opening night. There was a good crowd, and the entire production was excellent. Yes, there were definitely elements that would have grossly offended many highly religious people, but I thought they were funny as... well, as hell. You really can't have a thin skin and watch something like this, but if you aren't easily offended, you'll laugh. The show pokes fun at everything from religion to television in general to the particular type of people who either watch TV shows like Springer's or are guests on them. It's uproariously funny, so if you live in the Cleveland area and aren't bothered by strong satire, want a good laugh, and/or possibly want the chance to thumb your nose at the cultural naysayers who will probably continue to picket the Beck throughout this show's run, go and see it.

We went out afterward and I ended the evening by getting in possibly over my head... well, no, but I did have to make a commitment. Theresa's an actress herself -- come to think of it, at least half my circle of friends are theater people, which I suppose isn't surprising -- and has threatened to maim me if I don't do theater again one of these days. Now Gil, her significant other, has jumped onto the same bandwagon. They extracted a promise that I will endeavor to do so within the next two years, even though it's been eons since the last time. Watch this space.

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