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Blogosphere, how I've missed thee!

Been writing a lot of fiction, which has been eating both my brain and my free time. This isn't a bad thing, mind you, but it hasn't left anything for this journal lately. Today, however, I'm fighting a head cold, which seems too have sent my fiction Muse running for the hills. So here I am. (Hack, cough, achoo!)

Surprisingly, it's pretty warm out today. It's surprising because this is March in Cleveland. Dare I hope that spring is actually going to come this soon? *crosses fingers*

Between fiction writing and the costuming work I'm doing for myself and for a couple of friends, I've kind of settled into a busy routine. This has its good points and a few bad ones. It's good in the sense that I can work, hit the gym, come home and begin cranking out whatever portion of whatever project I've chosen to work on that evening, and that takes me right up to bedtime. It's bad in the sense that I fear falling into a rut, which is something I always try to avoid. Routine is good for some things, but I don't want it to completely take over my life.

I might go out of town next weekend, just to shake things up a bit. See something different, do something different, just for the hell of it... a road trip for pleasure this time rather than for business. I just hope the weather holds.

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